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The GreenCare Network offers our Valued Member Patients maximum Legal Protection with a Bona-fide Doctor / Patient relationship for total security and safety. This relationship is built through four different physical examinations. Single visit certifications are currently under attack in the Michigan court system. By insuring you’ve met with your doctor 4 separate times, you are insured full legal conformity with the latest Michigan court rulings. Rest assured, your doctor-patient relationship is valid and legal through the AMC.

Our main objective is to support, protect and preserve our esteemed Member Patients’ security and confidentiality. GreenCare Network Medical documentation fulfills the principled requirements of Law Enforcement along with the Michigan Judicial Courts of Law.

Your GreenCare AMC documentation will help in keeping our Member Patients Safe and Legal in a Michigan Court of Law with both On / Off Site Medical documentation with a recommendation by Certified State Board Licensed Doctors for your State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient, Registry Identification Card.

Our Association was founded on the belief that our Members’ American Constitutional Right to Safety, Legality, Civil Rights, 4th Amendment Rights and MMM Act Knowledge and Freedoms are of the utmost and extreme importance to the personal well-being of our Members and their Families.

Our entire Team is totally dedicated and committed to meeting our Medicinally Handicapped Patient Members’ personal needs and medicinal requirements through Pre-screened, Qualified, Experienced and Professionally Trained Licensed Caregivers.

We advocate Medicinal Marihuana Patients by establishing Affiliated Compassion Centers in major Michigan Communities to provide Community Support, Research and Public Awareness of the Medicinal Benefits of Medical Marihuana. Our exclusive Learning Center and Orientation Program (LCOP) prepares Members to be Safe and Legal. We work Hand in Hand with our Members to insure they are Knowledgeable in all the complicated Rules and Regulations involved in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. In addition to the State of Michigan’s Laws, there are also Federal Laws, with which, you must be Aware!

We are a Grass Roots Community Social Group dedicated to sharing with our Members accurate and complete information. We cordially invite you to become a part of American and Michigan History and become an Active Member Today! Become a part of We the People and help us promote our Guaranteed Inalienable Constitutional Rights in the Pursuit of Happiness without Tyranny and Oppression. There is strength in numbers and the MMMA Law was passed by 63% Majority of Michigan Registered Humanitarian Voters.

This is your Law, Use it or Lose it!

We need your Vote and your participation to keep our Law alive. Some Senators and Congressmen want to hand over our Industry to Big Business Pharmaceutical Companies with only 10 Growers. Their goal is to Dispense Medicinal Marihuana Medication through Pharmacists and Drug Stores, taking control of your medicine away from patients and caregivers and escalating costs to patients. Because of the low number approximately 100,000 current Licensed MMMP Patients and Caregivers, we do not have the required 343,000 Petitioners to be heard on the Floor of the House and Senate Committees. We need your support.

The MMMA Law was specifically written as a Public but Private Herbal Consultation endeavor by and between a Medically Licensed Patient by the MDCH, and a Licensed Caregiver by the MDCH for the Ill and Medically Challenged People of the Great State of Michigan. Lets not lose again to Big Business and continued Inflation which has Bankrupted Financial institutions , Insurance Companies, Wall Street, General Motors and many other Fortune 500 Corporations. If you are happy with the quadrupled Inflation over the last 50 years with with almost no increase in living wage, you need not do a thing, you can sit there. Should you want to help stop Inflation, bring the cost of Black Market Marijuana Down and join a Grass Roots effort to control the Laws, please come Join us, Now! We the People are supposed to Vote on the Laws of the Land under the Constitution of the United States of America.


Come Join Us Today and Help Make Michigan History.
Thank you for Your Support!

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