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The American Medical Clinic offers Private and Confidential on-site appointments at our Secure Private Medical Office with a State Board Certified Physician. Our Physicians provide Bona-fide Medical Marijuana Patient Recommendations for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Card
Now is the right time to manage your health. Take control of chronic pain or other qualifying conditions safely, effectively, and legally with a Safe, Medicinal Alternative which does not cause death.
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The AMMA and AMC Certification process assures full Federal HIPAA Law, Doctor / Patient confidentiality with Free Private pre-screening and Qualification Evaluations.

We have an expert team of Clinicians and Doctors that uphold and provide a highly professional, friendly and safe atmosphere for all Natural Alternative Medications and Medical Marijuana Patients. Our State Licensed Doctors have a firm belief in the numberless and engulfing advantages of Cannabis Therapy along with your Legal Right to Choose.

However, it is vital to acknowledge that while the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act provides the right for chronically ill patients to choose their own therapy, usage is a privilege and the law must be adhered to strictly. Please utilize the American Medicinal Marihuana Association ™ Learning Center and Orientation Program (LCOP) to understand your rights and responsibilities under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Please remember: Right to Choose Privilege to Use!

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Support, Protect and Preserve

Support, Protect and Preserve

The AMMA and AMC BlueCare provides the most comprehensive Screening and Medical Examination Health Profile available to insure our Chronic Patients Legal Rights and responsibilities with State Board Certified Doctors Recommendation, for Michigan (or your State’s) Medical Marijuana [Marihuana] Card.

The Bona-fide Doctor / Patient HIPAA Compliant. Relationship is #1, Legally. The AMC BlueCare bona-fide Doctor / Patient Relationship consists of not One but Four Doctor’s Visits to complement and complete the questionable bona-fide Doctor / Patient Relationship consisting of only One Doctors visit.

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